Rte 73 at 110 Cushman Ave., Between Billows Electric and Wawa
Baseball and Softball Batting Cages
   $10 Club Open to the Public    Reservations: 609-254-9724
Rates                                 Parties                                 Training

  Mon-Fri 2:30 pm-8:30 pm; Sat 9:30 am-5; Sun. 11 am-4 pm.  Hours subject to change. Call Ahead.
as of November 11.2017 Subject to Change



Batting Cage Only Rate:
$30 / hr.
$25 / hr
(4 Weeks Paid in Advance):
$20 / half-hour
(Cage rate up to 5 participants. 
 Add $10 per person for each person over 5)

Sport-Court Rate:
$45 / hr
$45 / hr
(4 Weeks Paid in Advance)
$35 / half-hour

Team Trifecta:
Your team gets 1 hour on the SportCourt and then 1 hour in two batting cages for a complete two-hour workout.

Weekdays up to 5 pm: $100 / hr.
After 5 pm and weekends: 200 / hr.

We can customize the facility rates to fit you needs.


Daily Individual Rate:
- Minimum of 15 minute cage hitting plus
complete access to other club features.
(Subject to availability).

Daily Group Rate:
$10 / member
1- 5 minute cage credit for each member of the group.  Example: Bring 4 and get one hour of cage credit plus access to other club options (subject to availability)

Pitching Machine Rate:
$5 (up to one hour)


Daily availability may vary based on season, day and time.  Please check for anticipated availability. 

Individual Rate
1 Month Rate:       $80
6 Month Rate::      $300
Annual Rate:         $500

Bring a Partner Rate
(2-Person Rate)

(Great for Parent/Child. etc)

1 Month Rate:       $140
6 Month Rate::      $500
Annual Rate:         $800

- U
nlimited daily membership access plus up to one-hour per week cage reservation based on availability.  Reservations can be made up to three days before reservation date.


Book Now: 609-254-9724